How to choose children's multi-functional study table?

Study desk is the indispensable composition of children room, because of the child use time is long, so safety became the problem that parents pay primary attention to. Therefore, when parents choose the study table, they need to confirm the formaldehyde content of the study table. Let's take a look at various standards for formaldehyde content.


2 Is it fully functional?
As the learning table runs through the whole school life of children, in order not to cause unnecessary waste, parents can first adjust the adjustable learning table, multi-functional learning table is suitable for 3-18 years old, from 110cm-190cm height can be adjusted at will. The long life of the study table can also help parents save money.
The desktop can tilt, writing, drawing, reading to different angles, is the correct way to open the learning table

3 See if the design is safe
At present, there are a variety of learning table styles on the market, no matter how, parents in the purchase, must pay attention to, whether the learning table in the use of the process there are safety hazards, parents should pay attention to the selection, learning table is the use of rounded design (right Angle easy to bump the head), in the lifting, whether there are gaps or hand tips

4 Whether it has the function of preventing dorsal tuo and improving sitting posture
The multifunctional desk and chair is in line with the ergonomics of children's growth. While adjusting the sitting position of children, it can also protect the healthy development of children's bones and eyesight.